Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The iPad

I was just itching to see what all the fuss was about with the iPad. So I had a friend
 send one over for me to check out. :D
How was it?

Its pretty much like a huge iPod touch. You can view photos (beautifully I might add) , check your email, go online (msn or ebuddy), and use the GPS( just in case you don't already know where you are LOL) . Typing is exactly like the iPod touch and iPhone ; its just on a bigger screen, and it feels more like a keyboard. You know what really caught my eye? It has this unique application only suitable for the iPad called the iBook, which is similiar to a kindle. You can read books on that large screen in a more efficient way than picking up an actual book, which is apparently difficult in this generation. -.-

The only disadvantage was HELLO! WHERE THE HELL IS THE CAMERA?! Illi ygoul we're not in 2010! :/ 

Actually, the iPad's lack of a camera utility is what's making people choose not to buy it. I mean after all, it is an iPod, only POOF! it's larger! :O

The question here lies. Is the iPad worth buying? 
Not really. I'd rather get an iPhone.
I mean after all, the iPad is an iPod touch on steroids. 

Above: The iPad comparison to an iPod touch.

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