Monday, February 15, 2010


I went to GUST cause there was a guy from Australia that was going to give a speech, I found out later that this guy has no legs and no arms. At first i was thinking about not going because I knew that I would feel bad when I see this guy, but then one of my friends convinced me to go because it's in GUST fa ra7 ekon gz :p We arrived at GUST and I really did not know what exactly to expect, I did not know how to imagine a person with no limbs. The stage was empty except for two tables in the middle. Suddenly the lights go out and a movie is shown about the story of Nick Vuijcic a man born without arms and legs managing to overcome life’s s**t and just be happy. Nick is the owner of an international organization at the age of 25, he can swim, golf, and type 39 words a minute he is just WOW. I loved Nick and I got the chance to hug him and get a picture with him after the speech. His speech was nothing like I expected, it was AMAZING he was making jokes fidgeting around (using his tiny two toed leg) and jumping. I thought the best parts of his speech were :

- FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real

- Its so cold I cant feel my hands :p

- You know why I have two toes ? PEACE !

- Failing is just another step towards success.

- If the world doesn’t accept you, get another opinion.

- I don’t know you, but I love you

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